Founded in Pamplona in 1999, IMA  is a company comprising multi-disciplinary team of professionals who have an extensive range of experience in carrying out projects of a diverse nature and magnitude at an international level.

IMA offers a comprehensive service, starting with a project specific study; taking in to account the individual characteristics of each farm, followed by a precise technical assessment, with a post-sale follow-up to ensure that the system is functioning correctly. The result is the implementation of solid Agricultural Companies, effectively adapting to a variety of different countries and climates on a global level.

All the elements which make up our greenhouses are designed to be used in a modular manner, thus ensuring that no technical barriers stand in the way of expanding the structure in the future.

We work tirelessly to tailor each structure to the requirements of the client, taking in to account the individuals’ climatic zone, type of plantation, machinery used, and irrigation system.

Our greenhouses ensure:

• Accurate Production Planning

• Increased Production

• Product Quality

• Food Security

IMA Greenhouses is currently present all over the world, with an extensive network of professionals who continuously carry out maintenance on each and every project installed,equally adapting to new trends.